Dark Box Machinery

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Many applications for photonic devices face the problem of stray light
in measurement and characterisation:

The stimulating light source emitts stray light through cooling slits. Getting cables to a device inside a dark box can be a a nightmare. aSpects solution provides two chambers split by a massive Al base plate. The light source can be separated from the DUT (Device Under Test), which also prevents from convecting temperature to the DUT. A simple but very effective cable through suits to any confection. The whole setup is covered by plates. Joints are closed with rubber seals. Even doors – manual or automatic – are not a problem anymore shielded by intelligent design of seals with corner profiles in idSTATION:



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idSTATION – Dark Box for photonic devices


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Founder and Managing Director of aSpect Systems GmbH. Expertise in image sensor test, image data processing, optics and illumination, MTF measurements, lens alignment, camera production.

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