Taiwanese Semiconductor Equipment Collaboration

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We proudly report the visit of the taiwanese delegation at aSpect Systems facilities:

Cooperation, Taiwan, Taiwanese, Collaboration, Delegation, Semiconductor Equipment

As one of the leaders in the global ranking of IC Foundry and Packaging, taiwanese equipment industry provides flexible and innovative products for the whole range of semiconductor machinery. Taiwanese equipment industry implemented a product value of 25.8 Billion Euros in 2014 which was processed by more than 13000 companies with about 250000 employees. Collaboration opportunities can be found in development and design services, vition systems, interfaces or automation of semiconductor equipment.

Mr. Alb Wang from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. says:
“Leveraging Taiwan’s competence in the equipment industry could be beneficial for both sides in either Marketing or Technology. Facing the global competition, Taiwanese Users such as TSMC, UMC, ASE, SPIL have opened gateways for Taiwanese equipment makers, and this is the right time to work together”

Cooperation, Taiwan, Taiwanese, Collaboration, Delegation, Semiconductor Equipment

Taiwanese Semicoductor Equipment Delegation at aSpect Systems Facilities



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